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What is YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a social platform where people upload there videos related to their niche for users or you can say for their audience watch. They can also do like, share and comment the video even if they want to make video, they can also do the same.” The YouTube was started as an independent website in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. Videos that uploaded to the YouTube may be seen on the YouTube website and can also be posted other website. Tag line of the YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself”. This implicates the YouTube is primarily for everyone who want to publish their videos that they have created. Many of the companies also use YouTube to promote their business. From all over the world people post their videos. There are number of videos available on YouTube like Movies, Comedy Videos, Music Videos, Educational Videos etc. Now a days, YouTube become a source of earning since Google offers revenue sharing for advertisement clicks that generated on videos, so many of the users have been able to turn YouTube into a money making platform. Do you want to create a YouTube Channel? Go through this till end,

How To Create a YouTube Channel?

There is a simple process to establish a YouTube channel, it hardly take few minutes and then you will you be a YouTuber. You can upload your photos, logos and videos. Now follow the given steps, 1. You First have to go to your YouTube or mobile app and do sign up into your account using your mobile device or computer. 2.Click or tap to your profile image in the top right corner of your mobile screen. 3. If you are using your computer or laptop, you have to click “Create a channel.” If you are using mobile you have to do the same in your mobile screen. 4. Next step is to click “Get Started’ on your computer screen in the pop-up window, there will be an option of “Use your name.” Click that given option. 5. Fill out your details to name your channel then, click the create option . Here you have a YouTube channel now.

How To Do YouTube Marketing?

Before discuses a best strategies for YouTube Marketing, let see what is YouTube Marketing, YouTube Marketing is the practice of marketing and promoting our business and products on YouTube by uploading videos on our YouTube channel . Now, let’s focus upon how to do YouTube Marketing

1. Create a YouTube Channel for Business

For doing Marketing on YouTube you have to make a channel for a business purpose. We discussed it earlier that how to create a YouTube channel. You can make channel with the help of earlier discussion, so let’s move to the point number two

2. Learn About Your Audience

This is a vital point that for making a YouTube for marketing you have to learn about your audience like what is the interest of your audience, what they like, what they don’t like. Everything possible thing that you can, you have to learn about your audience. If you are newly starting a YouTube channel before starting anything on your channel set aside for some time and track a behaviour of your audience. Collect whatever data you can find. For YouTube channel for business, you have to use an Analytics tab, which can help you to track the time and demographic of you interested audience. Compare your audience with other social audience. Identify the content that your audience mostly consume.

3. Research Your Competition

As you know that YouTube is a competitive platform. By auditing your competitor, you can confirm that, how your channel measures up and identify opportunity.

4. Create Content Regularly

If you constantly upload you content on YouTube it will show your audience that you are active channel and feeding constantly, it increases the trust of your audience too. You should aim to upload minimum 2 videos a week with a right amount of content that liked by your audience.

5. Try YouTube Advertising

It is an attractive way to reach more audience. If you are looking to grow. Target an audience that will be interested in your content. You can promote your brand too or new products. YouTube ads are very relevant for that you will get 3X results through YouTube ads. Kinds of YouTube ads that you can use for your business or videos. 1. Skipable Ads 2. Non-Skipable instream ads 3. Bumper Ads 4. Video Discovery ads 5. Non-Video ads

6. Find an Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the outstanding way to showcase your brand to your audience on YouTube. According to Google 60% of YouTube subscribers show more interest to follow shopping recommendation from favourite creators than favourite TV personality, because it is much easier to relate to creators. With good partnership, creators can transfer that value to your brand.

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